Eric Man

Software Engineering Graduate from Sydney, Australia

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What Can I Do For You?

How have I done before?

Eric is smart, hard-working, cheerful, enthusiastic, quick-learning,
and a creative problem solver.  We've called upon him several times at
very short notice, when we needed to throw together a demo, or hack up
some new features, and time was short.

Eric always dives into our code enthusiastically, no matter how hacky
or crufty it is before a deadline.  He works hard to deliver results
on time; if he hits a wall, he finds a way around it.

In a startup, deadlines can be stressful and tempers can sometimes run
high; Eric's cheerfulness and relentless positivity avoids escalating
any situation.

All in all, Eric is a great developer and a great guy.  I wouldn't
recommend you hire him though, because we found him first.

 -- James Boyden, CEO, SnapDisco

From a client for whom I built:

What Have I Built?

Django website with paypal integration built for a client, taking 100 hours of work:

Scalable notification framework using redis, each notification having a different set of recipients: (on the right side of)

Gradconnection notifications

What Did I Study?

Bachelor of Commerce and Software Engineering (Honours), 2008-2013

University of Sydney

    COMP  2007  Algorithms and Complexity
    COMP  2129  Operating Systems and Machine Principles  
    COMP  3308  Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    COMP  3615  Software Development Project  
    COMP  5046  Statistical Natural Language Processing
    COMP  5348  Enterprise Scale Software Architecture
    ELEC  1601  Foundations of Computer Systems
    ELEC  3609  Internet Software Platforms
    ELEC  4712  Honours Thesis A
    ELEC  4713  Honours Thesis B
    ELEC  5619  Object Oriented Application Frameworks  
    INFO  1103  Introduction to Programming
    INFO  1105  Data Structures
    INFO  2120  Database Systems 1
    INFO  3220  Object Oriented Design

Lisp to Lua compiler (has macros), compatible with Lua 5.2 or Lua JIT 2.0, starred by 40+ people on github:

Turns this (not so good example of a factorial function):

; Example 1: Function declaration
(print "\n--- Example 1 ---\n")
(defun ! (n) 
  (cond ((== n 0) 1)
        ((== n 1) 1)
        (true (* n (! (- n 1))))))
(print (! 100))

into this:

local _9obj_call = print("\n--- Example 1 ---\n")
function __c33__(n)
  -- ::LINE_6_COLUMN_3::
  local _nqh3_cond
    if (0 == n) then
      -- ::LINE_6_COLUMN_18::

      _nqh3_cond = 1
      goto _nqh3_cond
    if (1 == n) then
      -- ::LINE_7_COLUMN_18::

      _nqh3_cond = 1
      goto _nqh3_cond
    if true then
      -- ::LINE_8_COLUMN_15::
      local _3qps_call = __c33__((n - 1))
      _nqh3_cond = (n * _3qps_call)
      goto _nqh3_cond
  return _nqh3_cond
local _4nxl_call = __c33__(100)
local _z9e4_call = print(_4nxl_call)

Where To Find Me?